-Parental rights. Keep decisions on the local level with our local parents.

-Reading and literacy. Prepare our children for this world and become adults that can lead us into the future.

-Educational choice. Because parents know which school is best for their child.

-Say no to mandates. Mandates are not one size fits all and every child is different and has different needs.

-Review safety measures to make sure our children are as safe as possible.

-Keep schools open. Prioritizing the need of in-person instruction.

-Early learning. Improve VPK and access to quality early learning opportunities.

-Teacher support. Review pay and cost of living. Retain our very best.

-Curriculum transparency. Parents have the right to know what their children learn in school.

-Uphold the Florida Constitution continuing our rights and liberties.

-I stand with our Governor and State Legislature.

Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Christy Chong for Flagler School Board.